Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Right for Your Child?

We’re often asked about early orthodontic treatment, particularly when the right time is to bring a child to us for an orthodontic consultation. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that most children are screened by age 7 by an orthodontist to see if they’re candidates for early orthodontic treatment, but as we all know, every child is different. There are often helpful signs that parents can look out for, which will help identify when it’s the right time for a visit to the orthodontist:

Common Signs

The teeth may look crowded, may protrude forward or meet abnormally. In fact, sometimes they don’t meet at all.

  • Difficulty chewing or biting into food is a common issue that indicates an orthodontic evaluation is in order. You may also see that the jaw looks disproportionate to your child’s face or you may hear a popping sound when your child opens wide.
  • If you see that your child is mouth breathing or if yours is an older child that still sucks their thumb or other finger, that’s definitely a sign that a consultation is in order. Another is if you hear or see grinding or clenching of the teeth either while sleeping or even awake.
  • Although these signs do not guarantee that your child needs treatment, they may indicate that an orthodontic evaluation is the right next step.

The Benefits
Early treatment can initiate the correction of significant problems, prevent more severe problems from developing and simplify future treatment. In fact, in some circumstances, further orthodontic treatment may not even be needed!

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